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Professional Carpet Cleaner London- Elis Cleaning Service

Whenever you want to give your home carpet a better, fresher look don’t hesitate to look for a carpet cleaning company. It’s the surest way to get fantastic results. But whom can you trust? Which company is the best? Spending hours researching rug cleaning business, their reputation and prices is boring. What if we tell you that you don’t have to look any further? We, at Excellent Carpet Cleaning, can offer you a great service at affordable rates in London and surrounding areas. We’ll banish dirt and grime from your home!

When purchasing a new carpets the manufactures state you should have a professional carpet clean at least once every 12 to 14 months and the high traffic areas should be cleaned approximately every 6 months. Regular professional cleaning will not only keep the carpet’s pile and form but also studies have shown than an average carpet can hold up to nine pounds of dirt in a square yard without even looking dirty. Get rid of harmful pathogens, dust mites, pollen and bacteria. Keep you and your family healthy. We use a 9 step cleaning procedure unrivaled in the carpet cleaning industry to give your carpets the most thorough cleaning available.

  • First we carry out a full inspection with the customer identifying the fibre and noting areas of concern including stains.
  • We then clean the area with our powerful industrial vacuum system specifically designed for performance professional cleaning.
  • Then use a biodegradable pre-treatment spray designed to break up and lift oily dirt residues and pollutants from your carpets.
  • Use a professional machine with twin dual rotating brushes to break up deep down dirt and rejuvenate the carpet pile.
  • We then start “stain spotting” using the correct stain removal products to remove stains which are of particular concern to you.
  • followed by a deep extraction clean with our top of the range unrevealed triple vacuumed high pressure hot water extraction cleaning machine.
  • We then rinse the cleaned area and using a method of child and pet safe residue rinse to prevent rapid resoiling leave your carpets fresh and residue free.
  • Use a fully child and pet safe eco friendly product to neutralize all bad odours from the area cleaned.
  • Then we use a unique grooming machine to groom your carpets back to their best shape.

We’re one finest and most reputable carpet cleaning businesses in London for more than a decade. Our success isn’t coincidence. We’ve dedicated lots of time and effort to win the trust and respect of our valuable customers by delivering high standards of services every time. No matter if you want to book us for a simple stain removal project or to clean a wall-to-wall carpet, you’ll get our full, undivided attention and expert opinion for your house flooring. Our vast range of carpet and rug cleaning services in London include:

  •     Steam Method
  •     Dry Method
  •     Commercial and Office Carpet Cleaning
  •     End Of Tenancy Cleaning
  •     Anti-static Treatment
  •     Scotchgard™ Stain Protection